Economy Full Function Model with effective Cleaning and Remote Controller

Izen Choice - Best Selling Great Economy Bidet

3200R_closeAffordable Price with Excellent Streamline Design Fitted Most Toilet Shape and Included All Useful Functions


Premium Quality with Enema Function - No More Constipation and Haemorrhoids

Premium Enema Function Model

studio_7744-683x1024Premium Classic with Enema Wash


Hybrid Heating Technology - Warm Water Supply Continuously with Efficient Features -

Continuous Hybrid Heating Model

IB-740_03-290x300Efficient Power Consumption with Long Last Warm Water Supply


Most Advance Nozzle Features and New Technology with Hybrid Heating

Advance Luxury Model

IMG_2429-1-298x300Elongated Streamline Design Fitted Large Toilet with New Advance Nozzle Technology and Hybrid Heating.

11th Year Anniversary, the best service in Hong Kong!

5 Years Limited Warranty in HK! Over Thousands Sold in HK already.

100% Made in Korea

Average usage over 5 years. Quality is the best!
  • For your whole family with quality living and life.
  • Children and the elderly can improve health
  • Absolue cleanliness for female.
  • No more constipation suffering with enema turbo wash
  • Effective preventive maintenance for anal diseases or hemorrhoids formation
  • During pregnancy, especially before and after giving birth
  • Use less tissue paper and save the planet
  • Invests Health, prevents diseases in order to reduce family medical expenses in the future

Amazing Functions and Flexibility Design To Most Toilet Model, To Build Your Unique Tidiness Bathroom

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Installation Demo

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Now, we have updated some of our past installation, please see in the Support page in the website

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Hybrid Water Heating

August 18th, 2015|0 Comments

Hybrid Heating Technology – Best Durable Safest Water Heating System

Instant Heat Type – Picture a stream of ice cold water flowing through an instant heating coil that is only a few […]


Izen brings your whole family with the premium quality of living style!

Luxury but affordable with highly practical awesome features and functions durable to the long life time.