To save you over a thousand installation fee. Please check if you can DIY install your bidet.

  • Check the toilet is fitted with our universal size of bidet. (Regular or Elongated)
  • Check the electricity and water source available close to the toilet.
    • For electricity – An independent 13A power socket with a switch.
    • Fresh water outlet – A 4′ male type with a switch outlet.
  • Free Installation Kit included – T-joint upgraded to 8mm with a switch, 8mm to 4′, 3’to4′ and 4’to3′ connectors, bidet install adapters, 2 meters 8mm cables.


  • Install the bidet
  • Install the filter and connected the water pipe
  • Turn on water first and connect power, the installation is finished.

You can do the professional installation if you are confident enough.

  • Extend the power socket – the simplest way is to use power extension cord.


  • Or extended the wire enclosed inside the cable case

Photo 1-9-12 1 25 05 AM

  • Add the T-joint to connect the 8mm water pipe.