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Izen Bidet

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  1. Turn off the bidet and Switch off the water supply.
  2. Unscrew the bidet filter from the bidet size.openfilter
  3. Switch on slightly the water source to see if the water come out, IF Yes, No clogging.
  4. If no water come out, water is blocked and need to replace a filter.
  5. Switch off the water source.
  6. Replace a new filter, you might need to add several rounds water tape on the screw. waterpipetapewrap
  7. Connect the filter back to the bidet.
  8. Switch on the water source and check any water leakage.
  9. Turn on the bidet, you should hear the sound of water getting inside the bidet.



Some you might want to clean the backside of your bidet and hidden area underneath. Izen is designed to be convenience to slide it back.

  1. Turn off the bidet and switch off the water supply as well.
  2. Check both the power cable and the water pipe is well connected which both have a length to extend.
  3. Check the right hand side button beside the power cable. Right Photo.

easy_install 01_wm4. Right hand push the button and hold it, at the same time slide out the bidet with both hands. Left Photo.

5. Now you can clean the bidet back area.

6. Optional, some times you need to empty the tanks for hardware reset. Just keeping hold the right button, tilt and shaking, then the water should come out underneath for a while.

IMG-20131010-WA00027. Be carefully, check the bidet are on correct position on the adaptor track. Slide it back without hold the button and hear a click sound to lock.

8. The bidet is totally pushed back in the adaptor. Right photo.

9. Checking the power cable and water pipe are well connected, no water leaking.

10. Finally, Turn on the water supply, you might notice the water pressure where the water pipe is full water. Now you can turn on the bidet again. Press the posterior button and the water will fill up the tank again. Now you can use the bidet.