Izen Bidet History

In 2003, the establishment of IZEN Co., Ltd., Izen Kimpo factory in Korea had made the acquisition of the certification “ISO9001” and “ISO14001” and acquisition of US Patent(No.US6526602 B2). IB-3000 was invented not only usual cleaning function, but also with innovative enema wash feature which was widely adapted to the Korea family users.

In 2004, the Acquisition of the Medical Appliance Manufacturing License in Korea. (No. 04-484) and Launch “IB-7000” series – Electronic Toilet Seat. with Acquisition of Patent for Bidet & Enema function in Japan and China. The advance nozzle design with one pocket and three functions which is more efficient, centre alignment and easy maintenance. It became our Izen Legacy Design. In the meantime, more hospitals in Korea were introduced to help solve patients constipation issues and prevent haemorrhoids formation.

In addition, the streamline shape design of Izen Bidet with round back corner shape which is the most flexible bidet to fit in different toilets.

In 2005, Izen International Ltd established in Hong Kong Bidet Industry. During years of hardworking, we become a certified supplier for Hong Kong Hospital Authority and provided service to severals Elderly Houses in HK.

For last few years, Izen Bidet was keeping up with the industry and developed our own innovative functions bidet. For example, the hybrid heat model is the merit from both reservoir heat and instant heat. The new ultra-clean nozzle self-cleaning is now with stainless steel nozzle with exchangeable head,  Also our legacy nozzle design which is one pocket with three functions

Over 10 years business in HK, with excellence product quality, we continue to focus the direct online sales business because we want our customers to have the best affordable price.

Our vision is that if most Hong Kong families can adapted to use IZEN bidet, not only personal hygiene improved for the whole family health, but also it solves constipation issues, prevents haemorrhoids formation and improves the health condition, prevent others female diseases and comfort living for the whole family from child to elderly. Ultimately, the overall Hong Kong public health will be improved in order to reduce the public medical expenses and more resources can be allocated to prevent other diseases in future.

Hybrid Water Heating

Best Heat Technology, Safest, Durable and Energy Saving

Hybrid Water Heating
Warm water supply continuous with combine advantage of reservoir and instant heat, it uses less power to be more safety and durable.

Enema Function Wash

No More Constipation

Enema Function
Solve constipation issues by enema wash, and prevent haemorrhoids formation.


Average usage over 5 years

Over 11 years service in HK, more of our customers used IZEN Bidet over 5 years in average.

Your Choice

Izen offers different option models, functions and sizes to suit your needs.

Different Size and Models

Izen provides the universal models of bidet which is best fitted to difference size and shape of toilet, we have range of models to suit with different purposes from child to elderly, from comfort living to medical solution.

Why Choose Us

      • Izen Bidet are ALL made from Korea with Premium quality.
      • We serve HK over 11 years, bidet usage in average over 6 years.
      • Continuous improvement with the break thru technology
      • More adaptable design to fit your toilets and requirements
      • Reasonable cost-effective post-service support for all customers

What Client’s Say

Had toto for a long time. The problem is the calcium deposit clogged up the nozzle and had to be retirn for repair $$$. IzenBidet has all the feature of the ToTo will better value for the $$. The spray comes in gradually at the max setting, so it will not surprised you. Also better warranty. Will recommend to my friends.
Sofia Eng
We’ve had ours installed for about a year now. Great water pressure, easy to use, easy to adjust pressure and aim. Water is always a comfortable temperature. I wish every toilet had one.
I will recommend this product.
So far I love it. Works great. I would like a bit more power on the jet part of it but it is good enough as it is. Will add one more for the other bathroom. Yes, I will recommend Izen.
Locus Fok