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Izen Bidet

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Izen Bidet F.A.Q

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The flushing system of toilet is totally separated from the bidet. All bidet must use plain water, therefore; normally the water source is from water pipe under the water sink cabinet. Izen bidet has the anti-flow back machine to stop water flowing back to the house water system. It is designed for the safety.

All Bidet must use plain water and kept in a close system with ABS anti-bacteria water tank. Izen bidet also will self-clean the nozzle before and after each cleansing. It is absolutely safety to use with the family.

In addition, Izen also has a special external bidet filter made from Korea which can filter and sterilise the water. Normally, the filter is replaced in 9-12months.

The new hybrid heating system combined the merits of tank heating and instant heat technology to provide the long lasting warm water, energy efficiency with low power safety
and better maintenance.

It is not only stylish, cleaniness and comfort living, but also can prevent some diseases and improve family health and suitable for children and elderly. In addition, it eases constipation issues, improves hemorrhoids situation and prevents some female disease. It is a must household appliance for your family in this century.
Of course, the utilization is higher for female. But the purpose of it is for the whole family to have a better hygiene in order to improve health.
The power consumption is low and it costs only 10-20 HK dollars per month. In addition, using water is more efficient to clean than toilet paper. After using the bidet, your whole family can save more toilet papers which actually save the expense. Since the health of family is improved, the medical expense in future is also reduced.

1. Features – Hybrid heat, special turbo wash enema function, energy save, deodoriser, remote controller, etc
2. Product quality – where it made from, international certificate etc
3. Product price
4. Post-sales service and Warranty

Izen bidet has both Round and Elongated Type. In addition, our bidet design have round back shape which can fit much more different size of toilets in Hong Kong market. (E.g shorter and square shape as well)
Izen has got a patented “Enema Function” which can help you to finish toileting easily. Actually, the water is only cleansing outside the body and at the end of anus, all of the water will be excreted in a short time and won’t stay inside the rectum. In addition, the enema nozzle will be self-cleaned before and after used.
Toilet paper is as effective as water cleansing. Also toilet paper causes more environmental issues, In addition, there is a high risk that the toilet paper might be contaminated during the production process. It is recommended to use less paper.
Izen bidet is mainly help to prevent haemorrhoids formation and improve situation since most haemorrhoids are caused by the constipation. If your situation is serious, we of-course suggest you to see a doctors.
Hong Kong people have been used it for some times, however; it is not so popular because of the high pricing and installation issues. Actually, due to the benefits of improving personal hygiene and diseases prevention, in Japan and Korea, the bidet markets are blooming to over 70% and 20% correspondingly. Others Europe, American and Australia market are also quickly growing.
Normally, the bidet installation on the toilet is easier as change the toilet seat. However for the water connection, a certified plumber is needed to make a T-joint under the water sink. For electricity connection, technicians are very skilful with NO hole drilling on the wall. Only used detachable glue to hold the cable pipe is required.
One year FULL warranty will be provided. 100%Labor and Parts. We can also extend more warranty if the customer requests.
We serve as direct selling since 2003, customers only need to send us photos of toilet and bathroom to justify or check the toilet size before the installation. After the delivery the bidet, customer can pay cheque or cash.
lzen is one of the premium bidet manufacturer in Korea and provides OEM for a lot of international brand names. Our products have been exported to US, Europe, Australia and other Asia country. Izen Int’l (HK)Ltd have been starting business in Hong Kong since 2003, we sell the premium bidet products and give customers the best price/value goods with total satisfaction.
For example, a $3-4xxx bidet for an Korean made and high quality model, estimate used for at least 5 years, the cost per day is only $2HKD. It provides large improvement on your health, prevent diseases and makes comfort living for your whole family. It is much worthy than other appliances or electronics at home.
The price varied depends significantly on the quality and where it is made, which ranges from $2XXX to over $10,000. Products made in certain location maybe cheaper, but the quality might be lower and lack of warranty protection. Therefore we highly recommend customers to buy a more durable bidet made from Korea/Japan where the company will provide the maintenance service.

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